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How can I benefit from combining training and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)?

In the present climate, there is pressure to maximise the return on learning and development budgets.  Many forward thinking companies have also invested in CSR activites and wish to continue to honour these.

By combining the learning process with CSR activities, there is a win win situation that offers 7 major benefits:


  • Share learning and CSR budgets
  • Provide a powerful environment that increases the ability to learn
  • Develop a strong sense of self worth for individuals
  • Develop a strong sense of social responisbility for the organisation
  • Emphasise the value of the resources and facilities provided to employees
  • Motivate staff through contribution to the community
  • Motivate staff through the appreciation of their ability to transfer skills


In partnership with social enterprises, community based groups and charities, The Performance Tree has developed a number of team days that go beyond volunteering and normal team challenges.

The social responsibilty setting strongly increases the impact of the learning process, and the learning process increases the value of the CSR activity. 

This has been proven time and time again with clients such as National Australia Group, Scottish Enterprise, RBS, HBOS, the John Lewis Group and PWC, who have participated in some of the key programmes we offer:



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YES I CAN help! ..make a difference!

"What expertise can I offer, I am not Alan Sugar? "
"How can I help anyone to develop a business idea?"
"Why me? "

"These are some of the initial statements from colleagues when my work team decided to do undertake a volunteer project with a difference. Instead of  the usual corporate volunteering "brawn power" we were required to use "brain power".

Jeremy Lewis, Head of Management Information, HR Shared Services, Lloyds Banking Group