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YES I CAN…..make a difference!

"What expertise can I offer, I am not Alan Sugar?  "
"How can I help anyone to develop a business idea?"
"Why me? "

"These are some of the initial statements from colleagues when my work team decided to do undertake a volunteer project with a difference. Instead of  the usual corporate volunteering "brawn power" we were required to use "brain power".

The  Evolve event involved meeting and working with a group of Social Entrepreneurs and helping them develop a business plan.  We were expertly chauffeured through the process by business strategy consultant Mel Harris from The Performance Tree.
The experience provided us with the opportunity to meet creative, talented, determined, self sacrificing and unique individuals. We were given fantastic insight into projects that are helping the vulnerable in our society and provide valuable public service to local communities.  The enthusiasm and energy generated on the day highlighted inherent skills and techniques within each of us and our fellow work colleagues that we had not necessarily seen before.
My team members and I realised that we did have the expertise to help these social entrepreneurs , we simply hadn't all realised it beforehand.  The event really challenged us to think differently about what transferable skills we already had, and by pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones I felt that my team really learned something about themselves.  For most it felt like a challenging, but immensely enjoyable, day and only upon reflection after the event did they realise and value the learning they had experienced.  For others, it was more like in-the-moment realisation that something important was happening right here, right now.

Jeremy J Lewis
Head of Management Information
HR Shared Services
Lloyds Banking Group


"I had the pleasure of spending a two hour coaching session with Mel Harris. I found it to be a very powerful experience, one which has enabled me to grow in confidence and provide some structure as to my future plans.

During the session we developed my own framework, a clear map which has helped me ascertain why it is I'm here, what I want to accomplish and the manner in which I want to reach these goals. I will use this map to guide all of my major life decisions from here.  The process was unlike anything I had experienced in the past. One which challenged my thinking and really revealed my guiding principles which is fundamentally important to me. Mel challenged my superficial wants and needs and coached me towards their basic levels.  She encouraged me to delve deeper into my holistic drivers, really breaking them down to their very foundations - a level I hadn't previously explored.

I would strongly recommend a personal investment of this nature with Mel. We can all superficially answer the question what drives us but do we really know the primary source? A session with Mel will enable you to answer that with confidence."

Anne Marie Nayna, Relationship Director, RBS Group


"All my team members found it an immensely rewarding  volunteering and learning experience.""The Performance Tree have been working with Shaw Marketing and Design on a number of projects, all of which are vitally important to our development and ways of working. The Performance Tree quickly got to grips with our culture and aspirations, and have subsequently structured and delivered focused, thoughtful programmes on teambuilding, communications and leadership. By working so closely with us to understand our objectives, they have quickly become part of our team - a factor which is particularly beneficial and rewarding for all concerned. It's easy to underestimate the importance of people enjoying their training, but undoubtedly The Performance Tree have achieved this for our team. We are all learning - and in addition to this benefiting the company, we are enjoying the process."

Alastair Bruce
Joint Managing Director
Shaw Marketing and Design

"SBC have been working in partnership with The Performance Tree since its inception, facilitating events for us and supporting the ongoing development of SBC volunteering programmes.  Having the professional touch that The Performance Tree brings, adds significant value to our offering.  With experience in public, private and voluntary sector engagement, and in particular the knoweledge of how these interact makes The Performance Tree a unique and highly valued partner for SBC."

James Tindell
Programme Manager
Scottish Business in the Community

Edinburgh Cyrenians is an entrepreneurial charity developing solutions to some of the most intransigent aspects of social exclusion and providing practical help and support for over 1,000 people a year, preventing homelessness and achieving better housing, health, social engagement and employability.

We are enjoying and greatly benefiting from our growing business relationship with The Performance Tree.  They provide Cyrenians with high quality team training, one-to-one coaching and facilitation of our creative workshops.  Their dynamic approach never fails to engergise staff involved in our very challenging work.  The Performance Tree people clearly share a passion for making things better and always offer more than a good job in what they do for us.

Des Ryan
Manaing Director
Edinburgh Cyrenians

"I was unsure what to expect from training with Mel Harris.  When we met up with her to do our team training, I found her very easy to speak to.  She is very perceptive and very knowledgeable and I found that I have gained much more understanding of my team members through our sessions.  Thank you Mel, you have helped me learn how to use other skills in our team to the advantage of our company.  Personally, I have found that I am more confident and Mel has helped me realise that I have other skills which I can use both in work and in my personal life."

Jenny Lindsay
Office Manager
Keillor & Co Financial Management

"Having been referred to Mel and the Training Tree from another of Mel’s clients, Mel has been coaching with me for over a year.  I can only say that it has had a positive impact on me and my business. With Mel’s help I am gaining a better understanding of what is important to me, what my values are, what to focus on and how to use this understanding in my personal and business life. 
Encouraged by this I asked Mel to coach myself and staff as a team and even after only a few sessions this has enabled us to work better as a team, be more productive and understand each other’s strengths and weakness and how best to use this information in the workplace."

Kevin Keillor
Keillor & Co Financial Management

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