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Bespoke Courses


Specialist Areas

  • Organising exchanges and placements between Scotland and Rwanda
  • Finding appropriate companies and opportunities in Rwanda
  • Identifying suitable individuals for support and exchanges
  • creating and building strong partnerships
  • acting as a catalyst for Scottish-Rwandan initiatives
  • helping with travel and other arrangements
  • finding 'beyond business' opportunities for individuals while they are on exchanges/placements in Rwanda

Companies trained for

The Together Partnership


Established in 2007 by a group of Scottish businesspeople with first hand experience and knowledge of Rwanda, the Together Partnership is a catalyst for change. It is a non-profit organisation and working to transform the lives of people in Rwanda by enabling individuals and businesses to create partnerships with - and provide financial backing, expertise and other support to Rwandan-based enterprises.

We understand the massive challenges in Rwanda and seek to use business principles to bring about social change. Our priority at present is to support the innovative Rwandan company Ikirezi, which has strong Scottish links and is achieving so much (socially and economically) for so many people in the country. Other Rwandan companies are being chosen for their capacity to transform the lives of those who work for and with them.

But this is not just a one-way street. We believe that we also offer real benefits for companies here, ranging from demonstrating corporate social responsibility through to staff motivation and retention, professional development, marketing and PR opportunities, job exchanges, cultural links and much more.


Professional Development in Rwanda